Saturday, April 11, 2009

Firecracker (2005)

by JM

As a musician, his work is, to be charitable, inconsistent. Solo albums are completely unlistenable, work with John Zorn too strange to just pop into the stereo, and Mr. Bungle albums are completely a mixed bag. However, his work with Faith No More and Tomahawk is great. Regardless, I am a Mike Patton fan and always look forward to a new record of his getting released.

Because of this, I also built up a lot of anticipation for this movie to be release on DVD. I was truly excited to see Mike Patton in dual roles. How could a pairing of him and Karen Black go wrong?!

Well, I am an idiot.

I wish I could give you a good plot summary. But, I am completely lost. It has something to do with a boring small town and a carnival that arrives. In a remarkably unoriginal and pretentious move, the filmmaker decided to make all of the town scenes black and white and all of the carnival scenes color. Occasionally, this overlaps.

The main character is this incredibly sulky, useless, whiney young man. Mike Patton plays his older brother and Karen Black plays his mom. At one point, Mike Patton’s character (David, I think) rapes him. The scene is supposed to be shocking and violent. I don’t know, maybe I need to take a sensitivity course, but the scene was so over-the-top and silly, I was laughing loudly through the entire ordeal.

Anyway, the main character also falls in love with a circus performer (also played by Karen Black) who is married to an abusive guy (also played by Mike Patton). At least, I was happy to see the Enigma getting some work. When is Hollywood going to wake up and make him a leading man?

There are a lot of "artsy" shots. At one point, Karen Black breaks into song as her circus character's deformity is put on display.

I am really having a hard time writing anything else here. This movie sucks. I can’t think of any other way to say it.


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